Brixel - Revision satellite partner

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Hackerspace Brixel wil be hosting a satellite event of Revision 2022 during the easter weekend
April 15th - 18th
Spalbeekstraat 34
3510 Spalbeek (Hasselt)

All compos, seminars and events live-streamed from Revision
If the weather is nice we have room for a BBQ

€4,2 or Brixel membership
Each visitor gets a key for voting and compo entry uploads
You can support Revision by buying a ticket or t-shirt, you can get those Here
however Brixel - Revision Partner is an independent event and has no affiliation with the Revision-ticketsales
Regardless if you buy a Revision ticket or not, Brixel - Revision Party asks a small entrance fee to cover costs
So: A revison ticket is not required to come and participate, however, the entrace fee (or a Brixel membership) is

There is parking space available at and near the venue
Limited sleeping space, (bring your own gear)
Some BnB's in about 3km radius
Info on public transport and how to reach the venue by car you can find on the Location page of Brixel

Please note that we follow the flanders guidelines in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

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